Ferrari Dental clinic staff understands the anxiety related to surgical procedures. We pride ourselves on offering a supportive, friendly environment, where you can feel free to express your concerns, hopes and expectations.


At Ferrari Dental clinic you will benefit from the most advanced technology in dental implants.

The Ferrari Technology Dental implant is a new, highly aesthetic system and it’s a lifetime warranty.
Also, the surgical procedure will be vastly improved by the use of our laser. The laser is used to create a socket in the tissue, sterilize the area to ensure the best possible implant process and the best chance for success in an implant surgery procedure. The laser will also be used to seal the implant after it is placed in the jawbone.

Because of this high technology, in many cases, our patients can have an extraction of any existing tooth structure, placement of the implant device and a fitting for a temporary crown.... all in one sitting!


Ridge modification can enhance your restorative success both esthetically and functionally!
Areas of bone defect are filled with bone or bone substitute to build up the ridge.
Easy-graft™ products are bioresorbable, completely synthetic bone graft substitutes for bone defects. This advanced material used at Dental Clinic Lebanon by Ferarri Dental Clinic, is optimal for bone regeneration it has shown to greatly improve appearance and increase your chances for successful implants that can last for years to come.


Laser contouring is an advanced method for shaping and changing the gum tissue around the teeth to create an esthetic and pleasing shape for your smile. Unlike traditional dentistry which involves flaps, scalpels and often stitches, Dr. Habib Zarifeh head of Ferrari Dental Clinic, uses the laser to shorten the gummy smile, lengthen the appearance of the teeth, and correct uneven gums so that adverse side effects associated with conventional treatment can be minimized and provides immediate results.
Because the laser seals as it moves, there is no need for stitches, there is no bleeding and very minimal recovery or maintenance, and usually takes only one visit!


Unlike traditional pocket cleaning, Ferrari Dental Clinic offers laser pocket cleaning. A non-invasive therapy for deep periodontal pockets that reduces Discomfort, Bleeding, Pain, and promotes faster healing...
• Incredible results with no cutting or suturing.
• No sutures or flapping of tissue are needed.
• Very little discomfort compared to standard gum surgery both during and after the procedure


Ferrari Dental Clinic is one of the first to provide this cosmetic laser service in Lebanon and the Middle East.
Extra pigmentation causes gums to look dark, brown or splotchy. As opposed to conventional melanin removal techniques that use burs and scalpels, Treatment of gingival hyperpigmentation by Waterlase is a safe and effective procedure. Postoperative patient satisfaction in terms of aesthetics and pain is excellent. The gingiva heals uneventfully and completely regenerates with no infection, pain, swelling, or scarring.
Furthermore, reports of repigmentation after using a waterlase MD are quite limited and varied.